Project help will focus on helping heal, inspire and motivate youth on how to Persevere through Performing Arts. Our focus is on at-risk, under-served and vulnerable youth giving tools, resources and opportunities to become successful.

What we will provide:

Free workshops


Financial Coaching

Sex Ed and Hygiene

Career Resources

Empower Hour- (Young Adults Edition) Once a week

  • Young Men ( Ages 15-24)

  • Young Women (Ages 15-24)

  • Young Adults ( Ages 18-25)

Our Goal;
To develop our at-risk youth in a positive manner to help focus on future careers, team building, positive interactions with peers, and self esteem. Through the workshops provided along with Mentoring we will help these youth focus on the positive things in life and more importantly the future. When youth have positive interactions and mentors who they feel truly care their outcomes are more likely to be positive in society.

Donate Today and help N2KM offer our workshops FREE of charge to all youth who are interested but have a financial barrier to which they have no control over. Our goal is to serve 100 youth in 2021 but we can't do it alone. Please help N2KM to motivate, inspire, and create our Future Leaders. Every donation is appreciated and welcomed and We thankk you all in advance.