What We Do

       N2KM programs focus on the three M's Managing, Mentoring, and Motivating. We here at N2KM will offer youth a chance to get full in-site into their aspiring careers so they can look forward to higher education, career starter kits, and an unlimited source of information.


       N2KM events will be family-oriented to build family interaction and get our parents more involved with the process for their child to be successful. N2KM will seek to help parents encourage their children to focus on education, planning for the future, and getting ready for the real world.


       N2KM wants to reach every child in our community that wants help but we will need community support. Our website will keep the community up to date on events, workshops, and conferences so they know exactly what is offered to give them a chance to introduce their child to something new, exciting, and educating. Every child under 18 must have parents' permission to enter any workshop. We want to build a better tomorrow but it will have to start today. 

       I'm hoping that you all will join in making this New Millennium A Movement for our children's futures.

About N2KM

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to equip our targeted youth with the tools and resources needed to maximize their opportunities and potential. We have developed a three-step process to assist them in bridging the gap between their hopeful aspirations and their goals for success through Managing, Mentoring, and Motivating their selected skill set to reach their maximum potential in the new millennium.

High School Tutor

Our Vision

To develop our at-risk youth in a positive manner to help focus on future careers, team building, positive interactions with peers, and self-esteem.

We want our youth to focus on the positive aspects of life and know that there can be a better tomorrow

A letter from our CEO

Hello, my name is Chelle Johnson and I am the CEO of New Millennium Movement Nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization. N2KM's mission is to assist young, aspiring artists, disadvantaged or otherwise, in their pursuit towards a career in performing Arts through training, resources, tools, and opportunities. In our community, we have seen few programs for children which in return can lead to devastation and disappointment in a career field as they grow older and that's why we want to help.


 N2KM will focus on managing, mentoring, and motivating youth to make sure they have dreams and aspirations, along with goals and dozens of career opportunities that are close to home. The way we will make this an exciting learning experience is through knowledgeable experts, celebrity speakers, role models, mentors, literature, giveaways and so much more.  

I hope you will all join me to make this a phenomenal year for N2KM




Chelle Johnson, CEO

New Millennium Movement Inc

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